The Times of Canada April 2015

“People are not always looking for jobs in IT, Accounting, Retail etc. There are tons of other industries where people need help. This is where I identified how our company can be different, therefore executed the plan”. – KD Khairah

KD Khairah, the man behind Destinationone Consulting, comes across a simple man who has a clear vision for his company. He focuses on the ‘what, why and how’ of his business. Once you begin conversing with KD, you soon realize that he has chosen his path well. He founded Destinationone Consulting, in Canada, in 2013. Starting with a very small team, this year he is looking to grow the reach of his company manifold.

2015 is going to be landmark year for this new venture as the company looks to expand it’s operations in Canada and United States. The core goal for this year is to add more people to the Destinationone Consulting team.

KD’s tryst with destiny began in 2001. After graduating and working for a leading Fortune 500 company in India, KD stepped into the realm of staffing and recruitment. He relentlessly worked to expand the footprint of his dream company, Destinationone Consulting. During the course of time he established successful parent and sister companies that started to operate under various division names such as; Destinationone HR Services Pvt Ltd, The Executive Tracks, also known as, The Talent Tree Consulting Pvt Ltd & Hojojo Ventures Inc. Under the banner of Destinationone Consulting, he has successfully managed large teams and hired for top employers across the globe.

KD is passionate about helping others. Recruitment consultation means a lot to KD personally. It’s important to him to make a difference in the lives of employees, companies and their communities. When asked about his move to step into the recruitment industry in Canada, KD says, “Recruiting is the same, be it India or any other part of the world. Basics remain the same. I have always been passionate about helping people find their dream job. Having started Destinationone in India, a few of our first clients were American Fortune 500 companies. Since moving to Canada in 2012, I knew that I had to get back into my own industry which is recruiting.” Destinationone provides recruitment consultation in various industries. The company provides both contractual and permanent staffing solutions. Thorough recruitment processes include resume screening, phone/Skype interviews, face to face meetings, reference/criminal checks and when requested, personality assessments. Our goal in providing permanent and contract staffing solutions is to ensure our Client Companies meet with professional candidates, who ultimately become part of their growth story and contribute effectively to the mission and vision of the employer.

KD has faced difficult times during his entrepreneurial journey but he chose to learn from these experiences. With his solid business acumen and determination to succeed, he discovered how to get past those hurdles and move on with greater vigour and self-confidence. Besides helping skilled professionals move forward with their careers, KD and his Destinationone Consulting team participate in social service activities that help give back to the community.

Achieving success and staying motivated in this competitive, corporate world is not easy. KD believes in one simple mantra which is, “You are your best friend and your worst enemy”. He believes in setting his own boundaries. He has had his share of failures but he kept moving on with fortitude and today he has succeeded in establishing Destinationone Consulting as one of the most promising recruitment companies in the Lower Mainland. He says he worked hard to overcome the notion of self-doubt and limiting oneself and in doing so he transformed himself into a go-getter. KD truly believes that if one puts their heart and mind toward something, success is inevitable. Don’t let anyone ever pull you down. Chase your dreams!

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