Combating work pressure – 4 ways to destress yourself

Stress and stress related breakdowns are quite a common occurrence, especially because of the way we lead our lives today.And even though we might argue that stress is bad, a little stress is needed by everyone to live to their potential. However, too much of it, and it becomes a problem. It can lead to headaches, high blood pressure or even heart attacks. Holding down a demanding job these days can sometimes make you feel like your back is against the wall.But when that feeling follows you home and makes you want to punch the wall, that’s a problem.Thinking about due dates and competitive co-workers when you should be chilling out and indulging in activities you love is not beneficial.Here are some strategies that will help you create boundaries so the office can’t invade your brain after hours:

  • Unwind during your commute: Once you step away from the office, you’re on your own time. And even if your trip home is short, think of it as a transitional period when you don’t panic about deadlines or furiously answer e-mails that can wait until tomorrow. The expectation in today’s world is to always be available, so you need to create a barrier and ease out of work mode while you’re heading home. Try to lose yourself in activities you enjoy that you can do during your daily commute.
  • Work out: Whatever exercise you’re into, doing it right after the workday helps you relieve tension accumulated for the last eight hours by prompting the release of calming neurotransmitters and stress-busting endorphins. If you can’t make it to the gym, don’t sweat it: simple exercises at any time of the day still have stress-busting powers. That’s because the more fit you are, the better your body is at processing tension and anxiety.Even small bursts of activity randomly during the day are beneficial for your physical and mental well-being.
  • Delve into a comfort zone:Our physical environment profoundly impacts our psyche. To erase work stress, it’s better to clearly differentiate your various work and home environments, so that home doesn’t look or feel like work and instead is all about relaxation. Throw off your work clothes and change into comfortable clothes as soon as you walk in the front door.The key is to create an inviting home environment that is nothing like work to help you shift gears.
  • Take time off from electronics: Your devices are your lifeline, but they’re also a big driver of stress, keeping you tethered to clients and co-workers. Unless you really need to stay connected, log off your work email account for at least a few hours a day.This makes it that much harder to reflexively glance at your phone for notifications and you might even break the habit.We all need boundaries, and no one will set them for you if you don’t set them for yourself.