How to Optimize Your Job Search

The job hunt is always daunting. It can become a full-time job on its own with the amount of time, effort and energy it requires. Given the work it demands, it pays to approach the process as strategically and efficiently as possible. Here are some tips on how to optimize your job search so you can focus your energy on standing out in the interview:

Update your resume and cover letter

While your previous work experience may be relevant to the various positions you’re applying to, the responsibilities and skills you highlight on your resume should cater to the specific needs of the role. Take the time to write various versions of your resume that highlight the specific duties that relate to the positions you intend on applying for. For example, your resume for a Designer role would be different from your resume for a Copywriter role. While they both fall under the creative field, they require different skill sets.

Having several versions of your resume on hand will lessen time spent on editing. That time can be used to search for more available opportunities. It’s also helpful for when you find a position on the date of the deadline for applications and for companies looking to hire immediately.

Read the job description carefully

It’s easy to skim over the job description when you find an opportunity you’re excited about. You automatically think about the reasons why you would be a perfect fit for the role and start crafting your cover letter to explain why. But don’t let this opportunity go to waste––the job description can make an impact on your application.

By carefully reading and understanding the job description, you gain better insight of the culture and people of the company. It also offers you a chance to match your skills to the ones they seek in their ideal candidate. After identifying them, you can include experience related to that in your cover letter.

At the same time, it also serves a chance to see if you would be a good fit for the position. If a position you’re interested in requires a Masters degree but you’re a fresh college graduate with little to no experience, you might not be the best candidate. Save yourself the time and effort of applying by guaranteeing that you have a chance at the role.

Know what you want

You can easily be overwhelmed by the boundless opportunities available in the world…or even your city. Because there are over a thousand positions ranging various career paths, it also helps to know what you want – specifically what roles, companies and industries you’re interested in.

When scrolling through job boards and career pages, knowing what you want makes it easier to navigate and decide which opportunities you should pursue. It also helps you focus on your attention on the track you’ve set for yourself.

Looking for a new job can be an exhausting feat. Try the tips above to help lay the groundwork for your success. By planning and preparing ahead, you can make it less taxing on yourself so you can focus all your energy on standing out in your job interview.