How to Attract High Performers

Because of their self-motivated, self-driven and hardworking qualities, organizations are constantly looking for high performers to recruit into their team.

High performers come few and far between. Their hustle is inspirational to all that work around them and the exceptional work ethic plays a significant role on the success of the business. Because of their selfmotivated and hardworking qualities, organizations are constantly looking for high performers to recruit into their team. But how do you identify high performers and how do you attract them to your business?

Who is a high performer?

It can be difficult to spot a high performer since everyone boasts the potential to do well. In that case, a high performer can be anyone. So how do you identify one from a plethora of applicants? The best way is the look into their career history and identify how they stand out from everyone else.

High performers are diligent, motivated, and empathetic. They are extremely productive, delivering 400% more than the average performer. They welcome constructive criticism 1 because they believe it helps them improve their skills and themselves. They are always trying to develop their skillset whether through self-directed learning or with the help of a mentor.

While it’s difficult to identify a high performer, at the end of the day they all possess the similar attitudes, habits and motivations. Tapping into what drives your candidate and properly understanding their own goals can make it easier to recognize a top performer.

What do they look for? What is important to them?

High performers aren’t looking to ‘just work’. They seek organizations that align with their lifestyles, needs and goals. They believe that in order to perform well, they need to value the work they do and believe in why they do it. Because of this, a high performer looks for a work environment that allows them to sustain their success and inspires them to be better.

They constantly seek opportunities to learn and develop their skills, roles that challenge them to grow, and organizations that build on their capabilities. Because of their drive, they continuously make goals for themselves. Whether it’s to improve a skill they already have or complete a difficult task, high performers want an environment that encourages them to thrive. At the same time, they also desire the independence
to achieve their objectives using their own methods. By allowing them to do so, you communicate your trust to them and generate their loyalty.

The more your work environment encourages success, the more high performers will be drawn to your organization. Always present them opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, inspire them to progress by providing channels for improvement, and give them the chance to be innovative and handle tasks on their own.
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