Are you trying to strive for Temporary Staffing Agencies Vancouver?

Temporary staffing aims at recruiting employees on a temporary basis from another organization that provides manpower, on that time the employee is not on payroll of the company. The salary and benefits of the employee are paid by the staffing agency. There are various reasons for temporary staffing based on the needs of Organizations. There are various perks of Temporary Staffing such as Reductions in administrative overheads, liabilities, flexibility, duration and more.

Are you trying to strive for Temporary Staffing Agencies Vancouver?

For temporary staffing, agencies are made which provide manpower to the organizations according to their requirements and business needs; they are mostly required at the times of unforeseen situations, which occur due to shrinkage in the companies. You may search for Temporary Staffing Agencies Vancouver if you are searching for temporary employees or agencies. Though the agencies hiring such employees make sure that the employees are skilled and experienced in the same field.

Looking around for Temporary Accounting Jobs Vancouver?

Temporary jobs are based on insight of a duration and a specific work which has be finished of according to the need and demand, temporary jobs are different in prospect to the project or field and acquire a experience holder to finish the work, there are several fields in which you may acquire your interest and work on such as in field of accounting, banking, providing IT solutions and more. You may desire to get your job in the field of accounting for that you may deem into the prospect and grab the opportunity to work in your field. There are various opportunities available for Temporary Accounting Jobs Vancouver. It also enhances your work experience,  boosts your morale and gives you the ability to work in different firms.

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Importance of Employment

A Job, Employment, work or occupation is a person’s key role in the society. From which he earns his bread and butter and works for the sector in which he is skilled and talented to showcase his work. It is a person’s due responsibility to earn for his necessities by doing job he earns and bears his expenses to get a sustainable life.  Also a person not willing to work for full time due to any reason can also work on temporary basis and can look for temporary employment agencies Surrey BC. A person may recite anywhere can acquire jobs opportunities by searching near his location like Temporary jobs in Surrey.

There are different fields in which we can work, also depends upon the background education, skills and interest without interest one cannot work in any field, if somebody is interested in technical can look for technical others interested in their specific can look to their field such as Temporary Accounting Jobs Surrey.


Seeking for Employment Agencies  in Surrey BC ?

Temporary agencies are the one who provide the jobs on temporary basis and hire candidates to fulfill their purpose of getting things done. They are the agencies that outsource employees for temporary work, they specialize in particular professional fields and projects such as accounting, health care, technical and more. There are many Temporary Job agencies Surrey BC available for different professional fields.


Looking for Temporary jobs in Surrey? 

Temporary job refers to an employment situation where the working arrangement is limited to a certain time period and the need of employing organization. They can be availed by looking for Temporary Jobs Surrey with whichever field you are interested in.  Temporary jobs are based on projects and are outsourced at times for completion to achieve the target goal.


Are you looking for Temporary accounting jobs in Surrey.?

 As listed, there are different fields you work for, where you gather your keen interest, accordingly temporary jobs are also based on particular professional fields. So if you are interested in seeking job for accounting, Look for Temporary accounting jobs Surrey to get work. Or else you can also look for your desired field which you wish to work for. Each person has to different field and a different occupation to work and they study and work accordingly.

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Combating work pressure – 4 ways to destress yourself

Stress and stress related breakdowns are quite a common occurrence, especially because of the way we lead our lives today.And even though we might argue that stress is bad, a little stress is needed by everyone to live to their potential. However, too much of it, and it becomes a problem. It can lead to headaches, high blood pressure or even heart attacks. Holding down a demanding job these days can sometimes make you feel like your back is against the wall.But when that feeling follows you home and makes you want to punch the wall, that’s a problem.Thinking about due dates and competitive co-workers when you should be chilling out and indulging in activities you love is not beneficial.Here are some strategies that will help you create boundaries so the office can’t invade your brain after hours:

  • Unwind during your commute: Once you step away from the office, you’re on your own time. And even if your trip home is short, think of it as a transitional period when you don’t panic about deadlines or furiously answer e-mails that can wait until tomorrow. The expectation in today’s world is to always be available, so you need to create a barrier and ease out of work mode while you’re heading home. Try to lose yourself in activities you enjoy that you can do during your daily commute.
  • Work out: Whatever exercise you’re into, doing it right after the workday helps you relieve tension accumulated for the last eight hours by prompting the release of calming neurotransmitters and stress-busting endorphins. If you can’t make it to the gym, don’t sweat it: simple exercises at any time of the day still have stress-busting powers. That’s because the more fit you are, the better your body is at processing tension and anxiety.Even small bursts of activity randomly during the day are beneficial for your physical and mental well-being.
  • Delve into a comfort zone:Our physical environment profoundly impacts our psyche. To erase work stress, it’s better to clearly differentiate your various work and home environments, so that home doesn’t look or feel like work and instead is all about relaxation. Throw off your work clothes and change into comfortable clothes as soon as you walk in the front door.The key is to create an inviting home environment that is nothing like work to help you shift gears.
  • Take time off from electronics: Your devices are your lifeline, but they’re also a big driver of stress, keeping you tethered to clients and co-workers. Unless you really need to stay connected, log off your work email account for at least a few hours a day.This makes it that much harder to reflexively glance at your phone for notifications and you might even break the habit.We all need boundaries, and no one will set them for you if you don’t set them for yourself.

Combating unemployment: 5 steps how it might be possible

Youth unemployment has been rising since the early part of the last decade – well before the recession started. It’s probably the most challenging part of thelabor market legacy.If the word demands a definition, unemployment may be elaborated as a state of not finding work by an individual who is fit and willing to work. It is usually measured in percentage; the number of individuals without work out of the total ‘labor force’ of the country or specific social groups. Although literacy rates have risen in the last few decades, there still remains a fundamental flaw in the education system. The curriculum is mostly theory-oriented and fails to provide vocational training required to match up with current economic environment. The degree-oriented system renders itself redundant when it comes to producing human resources adept at fitting into specific profiles within the economy. Let’s see how unemployment can be battled:-

  • Increased industrialization: Oneof the most sure-shot remedies of the unemployment situation is rapid industrialization.Increased number of industries translates effectively into increased number of employment opportunities. Due to the emphasis put on agriculture in the economy, industrialization still takes a backseat, with farmers not ready to give up land for establishing industries.
  • Emphasis on vocational and technical training: The curriculum pursued in universities should be altered to focus more on practical aspects of learning. More institutions need to be established that offer vocational courses that will translate directly into relevant jobs.
  • Encouraging self-employment: Self-employment should be encouraged more with introduction of liability free loans and government assistance for funding. Incubation centers need to be promoted to cultivate original business ideas that will be financially viable.
  • Inviting larger capital investments: Although the economic market is seeing increased investments from private investors; a lot more is still needed to bridge the gap of unemployment. The government as well as leading business houses of countries should seek to invite more foreign collaboration and capital investment in every sector.
  • Focused policy implementation: Subsequent policies have focused on the issues like poverty and unemployment, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired.The government should seek to streamline its implementation strategies so that the benefit from such schemes may be maximized.

The art of retaining employees

When good employees start searching for another company to work for, it’s a disaster. After all, employees are the face of an organization. They build strong relationships with customers and vendors; they know the ins and outs of an operation; they train new hires and indoctrinate them into the company culture. On top of that, when a company loses great employees, it hurts customer retention and the morale of the rest of the team. Engaged employees are creative, productive, motivated and brimming with good ideas. Not only will they stay, they’ll be fully committed to their jobs and to the company’s success. Here are 3 secrets that would allow an employer to keep them intact:-

  • Invest in their well-being:

The best retention strategy is one that focuses on the individual, and encourages employees to drive their own development. Leaders need to make investments to understand each employee’s competencies, and what they want to achieve in order to provide personalized experiences for on-the-job learning.

  • Take mentorship duties:

Though the co-existence of multiple generations in the workforce has been maligned at times, formalizing a mentorship program will encourage knowledge sharing between veteran employees and freshers. Develop rich co-worker relationships, and build loyalty throughout the organization. Those who are experienced can advise less experienced employees, and millennials can share their understanding for emerging technologies. The collaboration will improve performance across the board.

  • Be willing to let them go:

Though it may seem counterintuitive, develop your employees being fully aware that they may spread their wings and move on to new opportunities. Often times, leaders who develop internal champions are hesitant to let employees go, not wanting to lose their skills and knowledge to another department or company. But a good manager will consider the bigger picture. When employees know you’re investing in them— testing their limits and rewarding them, they are happy and more likely to want to stay and grow with your organization.

How to Optimize Your Job Search

The job hunt is always daunting. It can become a full-time job on its own with the amount of time, effort and energy it requires. Given the work it demands, it pays to approach the process as strategically and efficiently as possible. Here are some tips on how to optimize your job search so you can focus your energy on standing out in the interview:

Update your resume and cover letter

While your previous work experience may be relevant to the various positions you’re applying to, the responsibilities and skills you highlight on your resume should cater to the specific needs of the role. Take the time to write various versions of your resume that highlight the specific duties that relate to the positions you intend on applying for. For example, your resume for a Designer role would be different from your resume for a Copywriter role. While they both fall under the creative field, they require different skill sets.

Having several versions of your resume on hand will lessen time spent on editing. That time can be used to search for more available opportunities. It’s also helpful for when you find a position on the date of the deadline for applications and for companies looking to hire immediately.

Read the job description carefully

It’s easy to skim over the job description when you find an opportunity you’re excited about. You automatically think about the reasons why you would be a perfect fit for the role and start crafting your cover letter to explain why. But don’t let this opportunity go to waste––the job description can make an impact on your application.

By carefully reading and understanding the job description, you gain better insight of the culture and people of the company. It also offers you a chance to match your skills to the ones they seek in their ideal candidate. After identifying them, you can include experience related to that in your cover letter.

At the same time, it also serves a chance to see if you would be a good fit for the position. If a position you’re interested in requires a Masters degree but you’re a fresh college graduate with little to no experience, you might not be the best candidate. Save yourself the time and effort of applying by guaranteeing that you have a chance at the role.

Know what you want

You can easily be overwhelmed by the boundless opportunities available in the world…or even your city. Because there are over a thousand positions ranging various career paths, it also helps to know what you want – specifically what roles, companies and industries you’re interested in.

When scrolling through job boards and career pages, knowing what you want makes it easier to navigate and decide which opportunities you should pursue. It also helps you focus on your attention on the track you’ve set for yourself.

Looking for a new job can be an exhausting feat. Try the tips above to help lay the groundwork for your success. By planning and preparing ahead, you can make it less taxing on yourself so you can focus all your energy on standing out in your job interview.


How to Attract High Performers

Because of their self-motivated, self-driven and hardworking qualities, organizations are constantly looking for high performers to recruit into their team.

High performers come few and far between. Their hustle is inspirational to all that work around them and the exceptional work ethic plays a significant role on the success of the business. Because of their selfmotivated and hardworking qualities, organizations are constantly looking for high performers to recruit into their team. But how do you identify high performers and how do you attract them to your business?

Who is a high performer?

It can be difficult to spot a high performer since everyone boasts the potential to do well. In that case, a high performer can be anyone. So how do you identify one from a plethora of applicants? The best way is the look into their career history and identify how they stand out from everyone else.

High performers are diligent, motivated, and empathetic. They are extremely productive, delivering 400% more than the average performer. They welcome constructive criticism 1 because they believe it helps them improve their skills and themselves. They are always trying to develop their skillset whether through self-directed learning or with the help of a mentor.

While it’s difficult to identify a high performer, at the end of the day they all possess the similar attitudes, habits and motivations. Tapping into what drives your candidate and properly understanding their own goals can make it easier to recognize a top performer.

What do they look for? What is important to them?

High performers aren’t looking to ‘just work’. They seek organizations that align with their lifestyles, needs and goals. They believe that in order to perform well, they need to value the work they do and believe in why they do it. Because of this, a high performer looks for a work environment that allows them to sustain their success and inspires them to be better.

They constantly seek opportunities to learn and develop their skills, roles that challenge them to grow, and organizations that build on their capabilities. Because of their drive, they continuously make goals for themselves. Whether it’s to improve a skill they already have or complete a difficult task, high performers want an environment that encourages them to thrive. At the same time, they also desire the independence
to achieve their objectives using their own methods. By allowing them to do so, you communicate your trust to them and generate their loyalty.

The more your work environment encourages success, the more high performers will be drawn to your organization. Always present them opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, inspire them to progress by providing channels for improvement, and give them the chance to be innovative and handle tasks on their own.
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The Times of Canada April 2015

“People are not always looking for jobs in IT, Accounting, Retail etc. There are tons of other industries where people need help. This is where I identified how our company can be different, therefore executed the plan”. – KD Khairah

KD Khairah, the man behind Destinationone Consulting, comes across a simple man who has a clear vision for his company. He focuses on the ‘what, why and how’ of his business. Once you begin conversing with KD, you soon realize that he has chosen his path well. He founded Destinationone Consulting, in Canada, in 2013. Starting with a very small team, this year he is looking to grow the reach of his company manifold.

2015 is going to be landmark year for this new venture as the company looks to expand it’s operations in Canada and United States. The core goal for this year is to add more people to the Destinationone Consulting team.

KD’s tryst with destiny began in 2001. After graduating and working for a leading Fortune 500 company in India, KD stepped into the realm of staffing and recruitment. He relentlessly worked to expand the footprint of his dream company, Destinationone Consulting. During the course of time he established successful parent and sister companies that started to operate under various division names such as; Destinationone HR Services Pvt Ltd, The Executive Tracks, also known as, The Talent Tree Consulting Pvt Ltd & Hojojo Ventures Inc. Under the banner of Destinationone Consulting, he has successfully managed large teams and hired for top employers across the globe.

KD is passionate about helping others. Recruitment consultation means a lot to KD personally. It’s important to him to make a difference in the lives of employees, companies and their communities. When asked about his move to step into the recruitment industry in Canada, KD says, “Recruiting is the same, be it India or any other part of the world. Basics remain the same. I have always been passionate about helping people find their dream job. Having started Destinationone in India, a few of our first clients were American Fortune 500 companies. Since moving to Canada in 2012, I knew that I had to get back into my own industry which is recruiting.” Destinationone provides recruitment consultation in various industries. The company provides both contractual and permanent staffing solutions. Thorough recruitment processes include resume screening, phone/Skype interviews, face to face meetings, reference/criminal checks and when requested, personality assessments. Our goal in providing permanent and contract staffing solutions is to ensure our Client Companies meet with professional candidates, who ultimately become part of their growth story and contribute effectively to the mission and vision of the employer.

KD has faced difficult times during his entrepreneurial journey but he chose to learn from these experiences. With his solid business acumen and determination to succeed, he discovered how to get past those hurdles and move on with greater vigour and self-confidence. Besides helping skilled professionals move forward with their careers, KD and his Destinationone Consulting team participate in social service activities that help give back to the community.

Achieving success and staying motivated in this competitive, corporate world is not easy. KD believes in one simple mantra which is, “You are your best friend and your worst enemy”. He believes in setting his own boundaries. He has had his share of failures but he kept moving on with fortitude and today he has succeeded in establishing Destinationone Consulting as one of the most promising recruitment companies in the Lower Mainland. He says he worked hard to overcome the notion of self-doubt and limiting oneself and in doing so he transformed himself into a go-getter. KD truly believes that if one puts their heart and mind toward something, success is inevitable. Don’t let anyone ever pull you down. Chase your dreams!

3 truths about millennials that will change the way you manage them – Emily Disston

1. Asking “why?”

Picture this: Two direct reports — one a Gen Xer and the other a Millennial — meet with their boss. The boss introduces a project and gives few specifics. What happens next? In my experience, the Gen X employee says “yes” without questioning the manager’s decision process or the suggested approach (planning to figure it out as she goes). The recent grad, however, wants to understand “why” before getting to work, and a slew of questions ensue.

This contrast can make the Millennial look disrespectful or like a know-it-all. But that’s not the case. Pivotal events like Woodstock and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, Sexual Revolution and the Cold War had profound effects on Millennials’ parents and fostered inquisitive children who were often asked for their opinion.

So what does this mean for you, the manager?

Often, the best approach is to contextualize your decisions — for all of your employees. For starters, you never know when they might have good suggestions or input. Moreover, clueing your employees into your decision-making will help them think through their own contributions and projects in light of the company’s bigger picture.

2. Envying startup culture

Traditional workplaces thrive on structure. Far fewer Boomers have come to me to discuss eagerness to move beyond their cubicles than some of their younger colleagues. I’ve found that pre-Millennial employees, while certainly daydreaming as much as any other generation of striking it rich and living a life of luxury, are relatively more at peace with high cubicle walls. Certainly, ping-pong tables, unlimited vacation days, and the option to set your own schedule are fairly recent additions to workplace culture.

When you think of Millennials, you might think “startups.” Beyond the free snacks and blue jeans, startups can be smaller, take an all-hands-on-deck approach, and allow people with less experience to experiment with more prestigious roles. Millennials don’t have to wait as long to be the director of a department and manage a team because the ladder is shorter, the learning curve is higher, and the achievement of status and impact is much faster. This enables staff to feel more impactful and see how they’re contributing to the company’s mission.

So what does this mean for you, the manager?

Do your employees have a stake in the company? Not the stock options kind of stake — though, that works, too — but I’d suggest empowering everyone. In my experience, Millennials want to own a project, run with it, and make a real, measurable difference.

3. Desiring feedback (early and often)

As a Millennial, I like to generate ideas, flesh out part of my plan, and then get feedback from my manager. It’s against my nature to do something methodically (and patiently!) and then present him with one final, polished product. Why? Because I desperately want to get feedback (OK, also praise), along the way for motivation — and so I can integrate that feedback into the final product.

I work best with this cycle of prototyping, getting feedback, and repeating. I like to work independently, but I also want to check in to make sure I’m on track.

So what does this mean for you, the manager?

My supervisor strikes a balance of managing collaboratively and granting autonomy. He knows I respond better to a coach than I do to a director. So, instead of telling your employees to “figure it out” and come back with a final product, consider building in additional sessions for brainstorming and feedback.

Today’s younger workers are here to stay. And if you can manage to tap into the Millennial talent market (which is massive, of course), your company will have a serious competitive advantage. If you’re willing to be flexible and supportive, you’ll be amazed at what your Millennial employees will achieve.