Canadian Experience: A testimony

Canadian Experience: A testimony

Today we would like to share the experience of someone that has moved to Canada. What his journey was, the challenges encountered, the highs and lows. This column is to give hope to those who just came here or are planning to move here! Would you like to share your experience? Get in touch with us!

“I have moved to Canada over 3 years ago now. I had always wanted to discover this country, the great north, the wilderness and the opportunities. I was living in the UK for some time and after the Brexit result in 2016, I was not sure what to do. The future was very uncertain. So, I decided to start the process to move to Ontario. My first choice was to go to Ottawa, the rent looked cheap and I knew I could easily find a job. But there was something about the city that I didn’t find really attractive. I changed my mind and decided to go to Toronto. Bigger and more exciting, it definitely was the right decision and when I think about it now, I don’t regret it at all.

I started the process for a PR while I was living in the UK. I went through the whole point system that includescalculating my education, work experience, age and so on. After collecting all my information, I was put into a pool of applicants in May 2017. Within three weeks I was selected in the draw. The draw occurs randomly once, twice or more a month. They invite candidates over a certain amount of point to move to the next steps.Ithen provided with a criminal and health check to get my ITA (invitation to apply) and my demand was accepted in September.

When I talk to people here I realize how easy and quick the process was for me and I am very thankful. Never give up, when you are in the pool of applicants your turn will come, just be ready to provide the rest of the documentation.

I worked retail jobs while pursuing a degree at university, I then started working with Bloo Recruitment which has been a fantastic experience! You don’t need to have Canadian experience to apply and come here, all you need is a little faith and trust your skills. Toronto is a city where half of the people is born outside of the country, everyone is trying to make it! Getting a job with bloo can help you with making friends and network your way up! I am very proud to have come here and I recommend anyone looking to gain experience to contact bloo.”

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