From the desk of our CEO

From the desk of our CEO

From the desk of the CEO of Bloo Recruitment. How are all of you today on this first week of February? Bloo is about you, clients and candidates, it is you, did you know that? A company that will actually meet your company staffing needs in a real way and a company that cares about you as an individual in the world, looking for opportunity and something more. Yes we are a start-up and yes we are new and no we may not have it all together, but we are open and on the journey and promise to stay current and aware. Promise.

Let’s break it down for what is happening in Canada for today. But this could be anywhere really. The R word as it relates to finding work and the conditioning that occurs. Imagine a setting where you are meeting the recruiter, HR or manager and there is bias. Colour or race, religion or gender bias. Many deny they have them and no one will say they have them, but we all have them.

Just make sure you are willing to work at the company, meaning you will have a high tolerance for bias if it is fulfilling a need for you or a low tolerance for bias on how you are being treated at work. You have to decide inside you how much your soul can tolerate. It could be the company and people resonate completely with you and you are in your bliss! Well done and good for you, but for the plight of many and someone immigrating or coming to a country who invites them in to study, pay taxes, work, pay taxes, the system can be generally stacked.

What is the return on your time working that you will receive, and are you better off not being there or being there? I remember I tried to hire a person internally and offered a great package to this person from Nigeria, however, she could not wrap her head around actually being a professional person again. She was conditioned by the system in Canada to not expect very much. Congratulations, we as a society and country, had grinded her soul and ambition down to a point where, she no longer could imagine hope and fulfillment and continued working in her retail minimum wage role. Completely counter – intuitive. I actually think low paying minimum wage rates had a huge part in the shift to online shopping because retail started devaluing its staff, thinking they could get away with it, nope. They still cannot. Look at your retail stores and see what is happening and how they are closing, energy and karma is a B.

I don’t care who you are, we all come with a filter of how we see others and how they may be seeing us or treating us when it comes to earning a living. But what tolerance level you bring is what matters. And really identify in you if you are selling your soul working somewhere or if it feeds you in the right way. Do not give up on what you dreamed of being. At least in Canada you can hold your dream in your hand and go for it for the most part. Where you work matters in the following areas, your mind, body, soul, career, spirit, social, economic, health, wellness, time, self-esteem, dignity, fulfillment and more. Especially right now, you do get to choose.

Leaders at work listen, be very careful how you think and lead at work. Clean your mind, and house and be aware of what you do and know the great equalizer applies to all of us. Pay well, be well, be kind, listen, hold strong and be human. Align yourself well with who you are and how you treat people. Anyone doing the interview remember, its someone’s son or daughter or brother, or sister in front of you and it does not matter what colour, gender, race or religion they are, they are just as human as you and get to decide if they want to work with you as well. That is right, the interviewee in Canada gets to decide on you and your company too! Yup they do. Interview and lead wisely. Career or job seeker, seek work and build your life wisely, stay true to you and don’t become salt or pepper in the grinder, be the sauce. Be the sauce in your life, hold your head high and carry on.