Why Work is Important?

Why Work is Important?

Why is work important? A discussion beyond the monetary rewards of a job and the survival importance of it. A job is what you need.

Having a job brings you more than you know. Having a job is, for most people, a way to buy food, to have a decent home, pay for school, to simply have a life. For others, it is about ambition, self-esteem, and opportunities. You never know who you are going to meet. Working can be hard, it can be tiring, waking up early, going out in the cold for minimum wage inspires respect. At Bloo Recruitment, we treat our associates with respect and we believe in the talent that they bring to the table.

A temporary job is what it is, it doesn’t last forever. But the connections that you make, the network that you develop and the friendships that you create are priceless and can last forever. Standing next to someone, doing a hard job for a month, is a bonding experience. When you relocate to this great country, you may find yourself alone and somewhat sad, coming winter if you never had experienced the truth (yes the weather in Canada can be frightful) it can get hard! But remember, it doesn’t last forever! Now how do you meet people? Through work. A work buddy will become a buddy. Someone to lean on someone to share with. A job is what you need. The Maslow hierarchy of needs represents a pyramid with basic needs at the bottom like food, water, warmth and so on, having a job helps you with basic needs. Once those basic needs are satisfied, safety needs come along like having a shelter and an occupation. A job will help you. The most interesting feature of this theory is the next level, social belonging, according to Maslow, humans possess an affective need for a sense of belonging and acceptance among social groups. Many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and clinical depression in the absence of this love or belonging element. This is the main reason why you should get a job with us! Let us help you to achieve those needs. Climb the mountain with Bloo!

At Bloo recruitment, we have placed over 6000 people last year, helping people build their network, changing lives. We are very proud to be part of the communities in the country that help newcomers, we are very proud to help students make money during the holidays, make friends.

Have that conversation with our recruiters, their job is to get you a job, and a temp job can be perfect for you! Check out all those opportunities here! Your next adventure, your next best friend can be here too!